June 2 - 8, 2019
  CAMP REGISTRATION:   1300 – 1500 on Sunday 2 June.  We will register all campers in the Bancroft Hall (dormitories). Families are welcome to  help set up  room. 
  • Driving:  Recommend that you park in town and walk through Gate 1.  A staff member will meet you immediately upon walking through the main entrance, and guide you to Bancroft.  You may use 15 minute parking at Gate 1 to drop bags and gain quick access.  You will have to move your car to town for extended parking.
  • Flying:  A staff member will meet you at baggage claim.  Once a group is full, a staff member will transport you to the Academy for registration.  Please keep us posted with any flight changes or other delays.  Rob Lias – 410-292-1081.

 ***NOTE:  EAT A HEALTHY LUNCH.  YOUR FIRST MEAL AT CAMP WILL BE DINNER.  You may check in and leave with a family member  to get lunch or eat lunch prior to checkin. 
(Registration Day)
 1300-1500 - Registration
 1530 – Welcome Meeting (parents are welcome to attend)
 1630 - Ice Breakers
 1745 – Dinner
 1900 - Video Taping
 2000 – Stroke Talk (freestyle)
 2200 - Lights Out

 *You must present a valid ID (Driver License or passport to gain entry to the Naval Academy.)

 *** NEW APRIL 6, 2016, ACCESS GUIDANCE -- A driver's license alone for visitors from Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri and Washington State and an ID card from  American Samoa will NOT provide them access to the USNA. A second personal identification card will need to be presented along with the driver's license.  Note  that a valid U.S. Passport will gain admittance to anyone regardless of the state they are from. Please click  HERE to access the complete list of  acceptable  documents required to gain entrance to the United States Naval Academy.

 ***ID’s for Minors:  Minors are not required to have an ID.  However, they may present a school ID for faster access.